Melli Mello has improved the quality of the bedding

Melli Mello will soon launch their bedding from a new high-quality manufacturer. Melli Mello is continuously looking for improvements to their products for the best results and customer satisfaction. It is of course important that our customers can sleep under the very best quality bedding.
Thanks to the improved (reactive) printing technique, the designs will be printed more beautifully on the bedding and the colors will remain vibrant longer!
Our rich prints include flowers, birds, dots and other patterns that now look even more vibrant.
The new bedding is created from 100% cotton satin which has breathable and moisture absorbing properties. "Satin" says nothing about the fabric, but about the way of weaving and the thread count. A cotton satin duvet cover feels much softer and smoother than a 'normal' cotton duvet cover due to the special weave.
It is can be pre-ordered at:
Of course we are very curious what you think of the new bedding.
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