Fighting Corona together with Doctors without Borders

Fight against Corona together with Doctors without Borders

The corona pandemic spares no one and is raging. Hundreds of thousands of people in appalling living conditions are in serious danger. MSF provides assistance where the need is urgent. This is their biggest relief operation ever! You can help too! Do you want to know how? Buy a Melli Mello face mask and we will donate 20 percent of our proceeds to Doctors without Borders. In this way we contribute together to combat the Corona pandemic.
Melli Mello strongly believes in the power to enrich your own identity with all the beauty the world has to offer. We are inspired by different continents and all their special cultures, traditions and characteristic craft styles. We focus on sustainable production with fair materials and fair working conditions for employees. Our manufacturers in Thailand and Pakistan are in possession of all certificates relevant to positive working conditions and environmental friendliness.

Adelinde Bennaars, marketing manager at Médecins Sans Frontières Netherlands, talks about the campaign: "In a crisis situation like this, cooperation is vital. "The coronavirus shows how a crisis on a completely different continent suddenly comes very close. And how much and directly we are connected as humans. Therefore it is vital to tackle this virus together. "She emphasizes:" There is no room for division or competition, we really need to do this together. "
We are fighting the Coronavirus together. We refer to the well-known rules: Stay at home. Wash your hands. Keep your distance. But when we do go into public places or use public transport, we must protect ourselves and each other. The Melli Mello mouth mask makes a virtue of necessity through the colorful eye-catching designs. We donate 20% of sales to Doctors without Borders in the fight against COVID-19. Doctors without Borders can use all the help. It is very important to all of us that we get the virus under control. Do you also want to make an extra contribution to Doctors without Borders to support them in the fight against COVID-19? To donate click HERE!
This item is not a surgical mask or respirator, nor is it a personal protective equipment or medical device. This item is for private use only and is not suitable for medical use or occupational safety. Does not protect against infection.

Our return policy does not apply to this item. Your legal rights remain the same.

  • Waterproof
  • UV protection
  • Air filtration PM2.5
  • Anti bacterial
  • Facemask with air filtration